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My Type of People Brand & Web App


Social Network was designed and built match and connect people with shared interests.

Pluck – Web App & Google Chrome Extension

Latest Plucks

Alliance & Leicester – Commercial Banking Demo

ALCB demo
ALCB demo

HotPrints – Advert design & Website

HotPrints Advert Insert
HotPrints Website - Homepage
HotPrints Website - Hot Calendar

GB Card & Partners

GB Card & Partners


GB Card & Partners comprises predominantly chartered professionals, with backgrounds in engineering, geology and sciences. They needed a website that reflected there global experience and expertise.

Applied Energy – CPD modules

cpd 1
cpd 2
cpd 3

Tropicana – Tie Break tennis

Tropicana – Tie Break tennis menu
Tropicana – Tie Break tennis game
Tropicana – Tie Break tennis loose

Budget Insurance Graphical Assets

Budget Insurance brand assets – Karz
Budget Insurance brand assets – Cartoon

PJ Smoothies – Footie Fever Game

Tropicana – Footie Fever Game 1
Tropicana – Footie Fever Game 2

Flash Game

Awarded 2nd place in the lycos viral charts.

Eve Taylor

Eve Taylor homepage
Eve Taylor skincare

YBS – Budget Planner

Budget Planner Analysis
Budget Planner My Money

Glocos Icons

Glocos Icons

PJ Smoothies – Banners

Nestlé UK Website Build

Nestlé 1
Nestlé 2



Flash Game

Cycling game and leader board

Whale – Gulper 2 Animation

Whale – Gulper 2 frame 1
Whale – Gulper 2 frame 2
Whale – Gulper 2 frame 3

Orbis Mutual Funds

Orbis homepage version 1
Orbis internal page version 1

Alternative design concept

Orbis homepage version 2

Nestlé UK – Understanding Labeling

Nestlé UK – Halloween Promotion

Nestlé halloween 1

Jonti Ecommerce Website



Samesite product sheet


Applied Energy – Selectronic Shower Demo

selectronic 2
selectronic 3

Applied Energy – Digitemp Demo

digitemp 1
digitemp 2
digitemp 3

Hidden England pitch

hidden england

Pool.Net Artwork

poolnet artwork 1
poolnet artwork 2
poolnet artwork 3

Budget Insurance Pitch

Budget Insurance homepage

Lizzie Mcguire wallpapers & website pitch

Lizzie Mcguire 1
Lizzie Mcguire 2
Lizzie Mcguire 3

Lucifer Artwork

Lucifer 1
Lucifer 2
Lucifer 3

Burghley House

burghley homepage


React homepage
React personal coaching

Alternative concept

React concept 2

Alternative concept

React concept 1

Alliance & Leicester Intermediaries website

Alliance & Leicester Intermediaries internal page
Alliance & Leicester Intermediaries homepage

Containers Online visual assets

Containers Online
Containers Online 2
Containers Online 3

Smarter Motoring

Smarter Motoring

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